Planes – for Sunday Stills

These were taken a few years ago at the Region-IV(n) Soaring Championship contest at the Mid-Atlantic Soaring Center, Fairfield, PA. A soaring contest held annually by Mid-Atlantic Soaring assocation

The Flightline

KI – returning from its flight

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Ellicott City after dark

Getting the correct, or acceptable, color balance of a scene at night is a challenge. Too red shows off tungsten illumination, while green shows off flourescent lighting. But getting a building’s stones to look like they do during the day sometimes takes a bit of luck. This one worked with “Auto WhiteBalannce”


Exit data

Camera model : NIKON D80
Date/Time : 2011:10:21 01:39:58
Resolution : 3872 x 2592
Flash used : No
Focal length : 28.0mm (35mm equivalent: 42mm)
Exposure time: 0.250 s (1/4)
Aperture : f/6.7
ISO equiv. : 1600
Whitebalance : Auto

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Miss Suzzie and Aladin – Abandoned

The reasons some things are abandoned are a mystery. Finding these abandoned items can open ones mind to all kinds of speculation and making up stories about the past lives of the objects and the long lost owners.

Miss Suzzie and Aladin are no exception. I found them a meer couple hundred feet apart on the bank of the West River, a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay.



see more responses to the Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Abandoned and a longer post about these and other abandoned boats nearby

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Neither of us expected.

Late last year I headed south to stay a few days with my son. Tired of staying at impersonal hotels I decided to try AirBnB for a couple of nights on my trip. I’d booked ahead and the hosts were expecting me, so it wasn’t a total surprise when I arrived. The surprise came after I’d introduced myself, and accepted a piece of fresh, home-made pumpkin bread and began to get to know my hosts. I became the guest eating cake in the living room.

A couple of my activities are Kayaking, and Geocaching. The surprise was on both my hosts as well as me. They also kayak on a lake that almost surrounds their small town, and they both Geocache too! In fact the cache I was going look for the next morning was one that they placed. We stayed up late into the night talking as old friends, and the conversation over coffee the next morning lasted a bit longer than any of us wanted. But I had to get on the road and they needed to get to work. The unexpected meeting promises to turn into a long friendship. When will I plan my next trip south?

Instead of a cold hotel I’d stumbled upon “old friends”, even though we had never met. The unexpected often turns out with better than expected results.


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Unexpected, but not unwelcome

I’ll deviate from the assignment suggested topic a bit, no one was eating cake on the living room floor. This story happened back in the late 1970’s but is still fresh in my mind.

My late wife and I had a Peek-a-Poo, a small white, curly-haired dog, Duffy came into our lives as a “give away” dog, the previous owners didn’t want to subject him to the quarantine for a dog going into Hawaii. So he took over our lives. He’d come running to the door when I would come home from work, jumping and wanting his evening’s ear scratching, and petting. Well, one evening when I opened the door ‘he’ came to greet me, but something seemed wrong. Gone was his lively jumping. I called out “Honey, Duffy doesn’t seem like himself, what’s wrong?”

To my surprise Duffy appeared at the end of the hall in his normal spirits. Unbeknownst to me we had become dog sitters for another Peek-a-Poo. Pookie and Duffy could have been a liter-mates. They looked so much the same. For the next couple of weeks they shared everything, food-dish, tennis balls, and most of all our love and caring.


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Life on the Rocks

Life on the rocks

Sunday Photo Fiction: March 30th 2014

Life in the rocks as a Fiddler Crab isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Living in the jetty has it’s hazards. First there are little boys that think it’s fun to throw small stones or sand in our face, others try to catch us and take us home. Normally I just snap my claw at them and they go away. but I’ve seen more of my friend crabs taken than I ever want to see. Then there are the dogs that are persistent and keep trying till a large wave comes in and they get doused with ocean water. The salt in their eyes fixes them, and my fellow crabs laugh with glee. Once I was lucky enough to time my claw just right and latched onto the nose of one slow dog. He Yipped and Howled all the way back up the beach. I doubt he’ll be trying to catch us again soon.

The fairly warm salt water we live in supplies us with the right bits of algae and other foods to eat. The really bad times come when the cold rain hits. Darned cold fresh water, it doesn’t have any taste or food. Yetch! I’ve seen the times are getting worse for us almost daily, oily stuff and lots of unpalatable plastic flotsam and jetsam make life here in the rocks downright miserable.

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in Columbia, Md

Overlooking Lake Kittamaqundi.

for Where’s My Backpack’s Travel theme: Statues

There was no great travel for me to find these two. The first came immediately to mind. One of Jim Rouse and his brother Willard. Though I really hesitate using the word visionary, to me that brings thoughts of using ‘funny mushroome’. But Jim Rouse was really a visionary in his founding of Columbia, Md. The first photo is of a sculpture of Jiom and his brother Willard by artist William F. Duffy. it stands overlooking  Lake Kittamaqundi.


The Dealings
A discussion about the development
of Columbia betweek Columbia’s miosionary founder
and his brother Willard
Redidication by the Columbia Associaton
Columbia’s 35th Birthday
June 21, 2002


6-theHUG_2451©jimilu 1997

In memory of
whose plans and designs
for Columbia embrace all people
Columbia’s 20th birhday
June 21, 1998

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