Creative Eavesdropping

A friend and I were having coffee at my favorite roastery, Mad City Cafe, near home a few months ago. I forget now what our conversation was about. But one phrase one of used triggered a reaction from a nearby table.

I wish I could remember now what we were talking about, something trivial, or what the magic phrase was. But a gentleman at the neighboring table interrupted. Then for the next half an hour the three of us had an exciting discussion. As he was leaving he apologized for the interruption, “It’s just that now and then I overhear something that just makes me curious. I call it ‘Creative Eavesdropping’ “. A good name for it. Way too often I go into coffee shops and find that every table is occupied by one person with their nose buried in their laptop computer. Everybody is ignoring what is going on around them. I hardly ever take more than my iPhone with me. When I want to write I do it at home, or let the idea germinate while I drive home to get it on paper, metaphorically that is.

We need more Creative Eavescropping

for Daily Post Writing Challenge Overheard, Nov 18, 2014


About Mike

I'm an avid bicyclist, that also enjoys Kayaking, Nature Photography, Cross Country Skiing and Geocaching. There's nothing more boring than sitting indoors in "good" weather.
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