Deep Underground


File size : 2319936 bytes
File date : 2014:03:04 08:14:36
Camera model : NIKON D7000
Date/Time : 2012:02:26 16:38:34
Resolution : 4928 x 3264
Flash used : No
Focal length : 18.0mm (35mm equivalent: 27mm)
Exposure time: 20.000 s
Aperture : f/22.0
ISO equiv. : 4500

Somewhere about the middle of the Sideling Hill Tunnel on the abandoned section of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. At this point the tunnel is almost totally dark, but for a glow that comes from the end. Because the roadway is not level one can’t see either end from the middle, only see a faint glow after one turns off their headlamp or flashlight and lets their eyes become adjusted to the dark. Lighting for this photo is only from one BlackDiamond Storm Headlamp

The hike through this tunnel is about 1.5 miles, but then I had to hike back, another mile an a half in the dark. The modern section of the Pa Turnpike crosses above this tunnel and one can hear the traffic from the eastern end. The day I hiked through the tunnel with some Urban Explorers from Baltimore we found icicles hanging from the ceiling of the tunnel, Yes it was cold!

A bit of history of the Pennsylvania Turnpike from Wikipedia read more here

During the 1930s the Pennsylvania Turnpike was designed to improve automobile transportation across the mountains of Pennsylvania, using seven tunnels built for the abandoned South Pennsylvania Railroad in the 1880s.

With the completion of [widening and modernization] projects [in the 1960s], the stretch of roadway passing through the Rays Hill and Sideling Hill tunnels became known as the Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike. The turnpike commission continued to maintain the tunnels for a few years, but eventually abandoned them. The abandoned stretch deteriorated; signs and guardrails were removed, pavement started crumbling, trees grew in the median, and vandals and nature began taking over the tunnels. The turnpike commission still performed some maintenance on the abandoned stretch and used it for testing pavement marking equipment. In 2001, the turnpike commission turned over a significant portion of the abandoned section to the Southern Alleghenies Conservancy; bicycles and hikers could use the former roadway. The abandoned stretch of the turnpike is the longest stretch of abandoned freeway in the United States.”

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